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See you at Tumblr.

January 2, 2011

Just received the 2010 stats for this blog. 5 posts in the entire year. And this was the final sign that I need to post it that I’ve shifted to Tumblr for good.

I’ve done 50 posts on my tumblog in 6 months. Why? because it was much simpler, faster and hence efficient. Love the reblog feature, the themes. Yes, tumblr can’t beat wordpress at seo, but hey, that’s what social media comes in play.

So yes, this is it. Goodbye to (Though still use the self-hosted version for


Mid Day 2nd Anniversary Food Column

August 18, 2010

Pune: Ever-growing foodie paradise

recent quotes in the press

June 21, 2010

In the past month or so, I’ve been quoted in DNA Mumbai (Ties in Corporate Dress Code), DNA Pune (Facebook and Relationships) and Sakaal Times (Mula and Mutha Rivers). Take a look at the snippets from the papers.

What you should take away from MNIK in these times.

February 28, 2010

I just got back from My Name is Khan. No, this isn’t a movie review. It’s what I left with from the hall. And I hope everyone else did so. If you haven’t, recollect the film and then read ahead.

It might’ve been a just-another-muslim-not-terrorist movie from the Dharma band camp. I really don’t care how the direction, acting, music, etc was. Looking at the current situation of the world, I even don’t care about the autistic character and his intelligence. No offence there, but what I really care about are those lines Raziya Khan told her son. Read more…

my name is khan. and i’m not scared.

February 7, 2010

everyone across india is showing support for the views that srk, pc, and others have taken regarding the ipl situation. and we’re still with them when they are facing flak for the same from mns and shiv sena. its sad to hear how the maharashtrian political parties are behaving and holding My Name is Khan on ransom.

i recently put up “My Name is Khan. And I’m not scared.” as my status on facebook. following are comments from the same. no offence taken from anyone and this is just a healthy debate. none of us are attention hungry mongrels like mns or ss. this is just insight to what some of the educated section of our society think and feel.

only initials are used so that identity is not disclosed.

SM: I hate SRk for callin Pakistanies in India and at the time when they are hurting out boarders the most now its doesnt matr whether its Khan Or Raj u need to decide which interest u need to keep. Wed at 8:23pm ·

Read more…

responsibility?! live on the coke side of life.

January 26, 2010

living isn’t a responsibility. it’s a job. but living a good and happy life is a responsibility.

on an everyday basis, you will have close encounters of the 3rd kind with so many things. but since they’ve been just around, you don’t pay attention. how you interact with your environment, both- animate and inanimate, marks your understanding of life. and hence your quality of life.

deepak chopra, at the TiE annual summit last year in mumbai, was stating certain facts about the massive number of atoms that we breathe in and out, and in the process making them a part of us. so?

it means that unconsciously, the 6 billion plus human beings and other colleagues from the animal and plant kingdom are one. but yet, the separation of mental waves rises the walls between each living being. and this brings us back to the unique imprints that we social animals leave behind.

with the course of time, one develops an attitude that determines his/her capability of gauging the consequences of not only of ones doings, but also of their thought. this is what we call maturity. or atleast i think so.

i know i’m going to be held against on charges of self-destruction. and yes, irrespective of the fact that i’ve apparently done pretty well for myself on the professional front. because the other side of the coin has made up for the black hole.

i think i should simply live on the coke side of life. doesn’t the retro design seem so much more cheerful?

21. and counting.

November 3, 2009
100_0028 (550 x 413)

my amazingly beautiful mom. i was probably around a year old.

my 21’st birthday. 🙂

a huge thanks to everyone who has been and is a part of my life. and that obviously goes to my parents as well who brought me to this world. bad, greedy, dirty, no matter how villainous the world is, i still love it. because i live here.

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