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The Grand Finale…

March 11, 2008
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After all these months of working on wordpress and contemplating about a blog, here I am.

“The Grand Finale”, it isn’t something spectacular but the “at last!!!” existence of my blog and the near end of my mid-sem papers- a crucifying 15 days tenure. @*%&$@%$&*

I know I shouldn’t be abusing, but who wouldn’t in his right mind? Anyways I did not prefer studying and rather watching movies and sleeping my a** off. But the incredible, superhero feat was the fact that what I did not do in 3 days, I did so in 30 minutes of discussion with my friends. And it isn’t the fact that I recalled word to word of the discussion but it was a theory paper that I managed to write.

Whatever be it, but this day I would say will go down into the pages of “khan history”. I know it’s lame but people who know me personally would know the heights of lameness I can conquer.

Now with one paper remaining and that too day after, I shall move on to hogging and videofesting for the night.

After all, “abhi to raat jawan hui hai!!!” (the night is young.).

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