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Shit! The Mystery Continues.

March 13, 2008
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palm.jpgThe prediction of futures began. Our new flat mate, Ashish “Palmist” Hekre practised his skills at the cost of our lives. I am going to have a bad health (wtf!), enough money to enjoy my life at an extreme (I hope so.), a romantic life and be creative. And yeah, excel in the field of technical something (God knows what that’ll be.) and travel around a lot. Glad to know I’m going to be on the move, love the outdoors.

Talk about being abstract. How creative will I get and in which field? Ask Ashish and Amit replies,”You’re gonna shave off one of your eyebrows.”

Now one look at the image you’ll find out the areas ruled by certain celestial bodies. Apparently for an amateur like Ashish, my hand is one he wouldn’t want to read. It has so many stars and crosses all around that he gets confused. He couldn’t finally read my left half of the palm (the sceptor of moon) and so the mystery continues. He needs to refer to his book. Shame.

So now I await for the shubh muhrat (divine and blessed moment) when Pandit Ashish shall read my rest of the hand and give me insight to an ill/well fated future. Though I don’t believe in palmistry or any other kind of astrological study, it is always some time spent in fun.

For people who don’t know, Palmistry or Chiromancy finds its roots in Indian Astrology and Roma fortune tellers. And I don’t intend to tutor you people, so those who are interested can just move ahead to my favorite, Wikipedia.

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