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Blessed Weekend Leads to Horrid Week

March 25, 2008

Last weekend I read an article on The Viewspaper called “A Blessed Weekend”. A weekend blessed with so many religious celebrations – Holi, Id, Good Friday and Easter.

And so it was “blessed” for me too, not that I went around celebrating the various festivals (I was sleeping when the world outside was playing Holi). Not only I slept throughout the weekend (side effects of being a nocturnal creature), but my taste buds were also treated. As the cook was on an off, I thought why not cook up something myself. Saturday night I had a couple of friends over who helped me make – wait, drumroll please, drrrrrrrr, TUNA CUTLETS!!!

Sunday night I was treated to tandoori chicken by a friend. Sumptuous dinner. And Monday night my taste buds were blessed again to chicken reshami kebabs and chicken biryani. What a time it was. Felt like heaven. I wish this could happen more so often. And the biryani was so much that it had to packed and therefore I relished the flavor over the night.

It is said that there always ups and downs in life. But something so violently changing, I think no else has suffered it. In a days time my blessed weekend metamorphosed into a nightmare.

I get to know that I have to submit the networking mid-sem paper resolved as an assignment in two days. I already had a soft skills presentation and it was yet to be put together. I have a flash animation project to complete by Thursday. And to top it I found out that my networking lecturer had misplaced my first assignment and therefore not marked me! The only way to convince her was to tell her that which fool after photocopying someone’s assignment and then copying, after all the hard work would not submit.

So here I am, pulling at my hair, trying to figure out how to complete all the work that is pending (Yeah, Yeah. I know I shouldn’t be blogging when I have so much work, but “I blog, therefore I am”.).

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