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Money is the root of all problems. And time aids it.

April 12, 2008
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20 days…it isn’t that I’m getting bored of blogging already…just the time. Time is what’s playing games with me, apart from the money that I get for my monthly budget. Just like time flies away, so does my money. Wierd, but the other day Ashish had said it that I’ll have the money to enjoy, just that it won’t stay and its actually happening.

Time and money have always tortured the minds of men. Hehehe…this proves I’m a truly transformed man (even though if I cut my hair short once again, I won’t look any older than a 10th grader 😛 ). So, taking the psychological effects of…wait a minute…discovery!!! “Time and Money”…initials is “TM”. TM also stands for trademark. If someone recalls (only if you watch bollywood films), in the movie “Laaga Chunari Mein Daag”, Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan have a small discussion on trademarks and patents. They define it as something that the developed nations implement to abuse the undeveloped ones, to suck out the cash flow on which they thrive then. TM- Trademarks and Time & Money. Oh! I’m ingenious, ain’t I?

Anyways, I was talking about the effects of time and money. Man wants more of both. One mail I had recieved earlier threw some light on this:

time x money = women

since, time is money,

money x money = women

and money is the root of all problems, therefore with all mathematical calculations and cancellations

problems = women

Like me, someone else also has been working on some ingenious thought process. And females, please excuse me for any biased judgment. It has been proved by applying few of the most common mathematical theories. Saying no to this will be like stating that your school teachers were incapable of educating you. 😀

My part of the story now. Sad story. Month starts, so does money problems. You notice the time and money factor? Paying all the rent and bills takes 4 grands of 6 grands monthly budget (inclusive of house rent). 😦 And so arises the need for me to work, arrange cash by hook or by crook (you actually don’t believe that I’d steal or something, do you?). So I work as a lab instructor at my own college and get paid a decent amount for just sitting in the AC and surfing the net. Hardly does anyone have a problem, and even if one does they are so meagre that I’d bang my head on the wall just because they can’t solve it on their own. 😐

Also these days I’m into a bit of freelance work as a web designer, and God bless WordPress. With WP I have made a couple websites now, hopefully I’ll put up their screen shots for my portfolio. And this is what pulled me from Blogger to WP, loyalty. 😛

I know I’m using a lot of emoticons in this post, but I’m just getting hooked onto them. They help me express so much. And I actually need that, I use a lot of hand & face gestures while conversing. By the way, another reason for this high rate of emoticon usage is daily chats during the night hours. Not that I blabber away to glory on the world wide web, but discuss life and work with people from different places. You get to know what the world thinks. Sort off. Argh! All these months of night surfing and online work has got me addicted to the internet and so I can’t get rid of it though it takes my beloved 750INR away from me.

And now when I’m ending this post, I contemplate- “Will my next post be this late? When will I have enough to talk about?”. 😦 😐 🙂 😀 😛

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