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MySpace launches in India

April 19, 2008
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A day that couldn’t have been better. Last night only I read about the Raghu Dixit Project on The Viewspaper. First thing I did was to check out the artist’s website. Along with that I also heard a few of the songs on their website.

And today morning when I opened Pune Mirror- “MySpace Launch in Pune”. And none other than Raghu Dixit and his band were performing in the evening. Apart from them Swatharma and Them Clones were performing too. MySpace had made an entry into India.

Artists in India, especially from the rock scene require a platform where they can get together and share their world with not only each other but their fans too. In the west many artists have a MySpace account and have noticed a rise in their fan following. From concerts to albums, they break news to their fans on this platform. And it has finally come to India.

Soul at ABC farms in Koregaon Park hosted the event. And what a coincidence. One day I hear about Raghu Dixit and the next day I’m listening to them live for free. 😉 Anyways it was a beautiful evening and Them Clones set the mood in with their 5th unplugged gig in 8 years, and as they said it themselves, in a very intimate setting. It was nice to hear the ring of the acoustic guitars, getting away from the regular head banging stuff. Swatharma from Bangalore is a folk rock group with the vocalist bringing a deep carnatic feel to the band. The violinist made a huge difference in their music and gave the emotional support to the lyrics and vocals.

Raghu Dixit, in his famous orange lungi, brought in an folk artist all the way from Manipur. As a solo artist he did not catch my attention but his regional attire and his son did. The band started performing and for a song even the Manipuri came on stage. Amazing performance. Left me wondering why wasn’t I introduced to folk rock earlier.

Anyways, there’s something else too to this evening which I shall post about later. Am I being mean and crooked? Or is it that you’re just too eager to know what happened?

For someone, it is going to be a surprise. For the rest of you, just a usual record of a happening. And yes, I am being mean.

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