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A Brush with God’s Romance

May 5, 2008
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You must be wondering how come there’s a post under the creativity category. How come is it unlike the previous ones, where I had written my first OC and a poem? Today I left for Bombay from Pune to go back home. At 2:30 am. And I enjoyed beauty. Along the roads. The God at creativity. The human kind at the moulding edge of his creativity (I’m an agnostic, I do believe that God exists and that he has created the universe).

From the moment I got into the Tavera, it was indulging; spoiling me rather, making me want to go out on the roads once I come back from my vacations. In the wee hours when the roads are empty and air is chilled and you’re whizzing away at a speed, it feels amazing. The once in a while man cycling away or dog barking at the spirits unseen (don’t animals have a sixth sense?). Life is yet moving on for them while the city sleeps. I was a part of it then.

We move out of the city limits and onto the expressway. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the best built and well maintained expressways of India. And I believe is civil engineering at its creative best. And the Tavera moving on the expressway quietly, for once I thought that the vehicle was on neutral and moving along the force of gravity. But I noticed, the vehicle’s engine was damn quiet (unbelievable for a transport vehicle in India, isn’t it 😉 ). The hills stood there welcoming the humans to traverse through them. The expressway moving through Lonavla, Khandala and the likes. I wonder how long it took them to construct it.

Once we reached Panvel, the Mumbai breeze with its early morning humidity hit us. And yet it was an experience worth it, after living in Pune for so long, the buildings, the roads of a metro made me realise why Mumbai is called “The City of Dreams” (i.e. by the Indians ofcourse). The high-rise apartments, the wide roads with vehicles running along early morning, from the young to the old in their track suits jogging.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is being renovated by GVK and can notice yet another beauty being designed. Art is everywhere these days. Everyone who has travelled by air knows what it is like to peep out the window of your seat, from take-off to landing, every single moment is cherished (apart from the ghati crowd and stuffed seats, the hostesses are always to be chersihed 😉 ). The clouds through which the airliner soars through, replicating the bird’s life.

Every second that went by in this trip, made me realise what a beautiful masterpiece God had made. Human Being. And he is letting his creativity out just the way God did once upon at a time. After all, art is imagination. It is romance.

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  1. usha89 permalink
    May 9, 2008 11:39 pm

    hi…. 🙂 nice…post..evn i hve felt the same thoughts evolving wen i travel or fr tat matter go to any plc…far enough & notice things tat i wondn’t hve really taken care to look at …. our mind really notice’s things wen one is at peace ……its so true that there’s art evrywher in each & evry creation be it …. man made or created by the almighty…we jst need an observers eye….to see how beautiful things are around us… keeeeep….

  2. usha89 permalink
    May 9, 2008 11:40 pm


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