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A productive period. And as tiring as periods.

July 14, 2008

I know the title is wierd for a guy to put but I have been enlightened as to how painful and tiring is the downtime for females. And after what all I have been upto… it is tiring. And plus the title was just catching up on some rhythm. [;)]

Last few days have been very hectic. One thing I hadn’t mentioned earlier was that i have been working on the launch of an online magazine that I am launching pretty soon now. That is the reason I haven’t been able to divulge myself to writing posts on the blog. My days and nights have become ( Din-raat ek karna ) due to launch time coming nearer and nearer. Running behind the writers, calling the editor, getting in touch with my friend in Bombay who is helping me and advising me on the design, etc.

With a lot of meeting to cover, which include the new batch inductions and interviews for Arsh (college E-cell) and SDRC-UG (the UG web mgmt team) and the marketing visits to different colleges for meeting both prospective writers and readers. I have got an over-whelming response from people who understand the nuances of setting up such a venture. And it isn’t only peers but PG students too who have shown me respect for what I’m working towards. I’m glad that things are coming together into place. I shall put up the link to the magazine as it is launched. [:)]

With my friends, we had gone to Kobe last week (my first time). Its review will be coming up on my mag soon. I suppose it will be the very first food review on the mag. Last night we even went to Papa John’s. Recently opened in the FC Road area, the place was just getting packed when we got there. By the time we left, there was quite a line of people waiting to get in. For the first time I could differentiate between 2 brands of pizzas. The taste was definitely different than Pizza Hut and Domino’s. And I had the best garlic parmesan breadsticks ever. Oh! I still have the flavor in my mouth. What a lasting effect on the mind!

Cheers people. I shall see you soon.

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