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My first venture – The Tossed Salad.

July 26, 2008

Today I finally launched my first venture. An online magazine called “The Tossed Salad”. After months of planning and finalising that it was something doable, I took a month for getting the team together and designing and developing the site.

The magazine covers 4 sections- Arts & Culture (books, movies, music, gigs, seminars, etc.), Drink & Dine (food, beverage, lounges, clubs, restaurants, tapris, etc.), In & Around ( satirical touch on politics, business and finance, science and technology, society) and Life & Style (fashion, gadgets, travel, adventure).

The magazine gets its name in a very weird manner. Random thought process with my beloved got us hooked onto this name and we started looking for reasons to justify the name. The magazine was supposed to be satirical in nature but being a difficult art limited us to to one section, which could be manageable. Satire originates from a Greek word which means “dish of fruit”, and hence the name.

We are looking forward to a huge base among readers and writers both. We want to provide the platform where they can experience writing without having to worry about marketing their pieces. Passion is all what we look for. And of course, a good command over English is a default. We want to be the place where major media houses can recruit our writers, for interns and as full time as well. We have our fingers crossed.

I am thankful to my friends, Wishal and Garima, who helped me in and out on it. Also my beloved who was patient enough with me as I had been giving her lesser time than usual. A rould of applause to my team who has been dedicated and written for the venture. I hope this keeps alive in them and they continue with the magazine. I’d also like to thank WordPress on which the wonderful magazine is running. It is a pleasure to be associated with WP. We love open source and the kindness of such organisations where they strive to provide services which are both free and priceless. I also thank Creative Commons under which we are licensed. And Google, which is the IT God.

Do visit the site:

[PS: The magazine and its owner own the rights to the logo displayed above.]

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