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can it get any worse?

September 30, 2008

first thing- my posts will no longer be properly formatted. reason- time, more of live blogging now…i wish wordpress had a formatting engine like ms word does…capital alphabets conversion etc…

so talking abt things get worse…lectures being cancelled…and that also when we’re sitting in the class. we submitting a letter to the director and then the mgmt including the professor screwing us up.

losing a friend. to god. or to whomever we report after our demise. i still don’t believe in “Him”. this was one sensible guy among his group. and this is how he met his end. for that one day he wasn’t wearing his helmet.

the females who knew him crying until their eyes became red. how do we console them and stop them? 8 people sleepin in a room meant for 2 just so that no one feels lonely. why does “He” make us go thru all this?

not gettin my cash back on time from the person who has shifted into my old place. and the so called agent to the new place threatening me that if he doesnt get his cash then im kicked out. imagine hearing that bcoz of sum1 elses fault. argh.

cudnt shift the magazine to the new host due to certain delays. now that the domain is unlocked i dont have net access at home and the one in college sucks…it tuk me ages to open the WP bckend…auto agreement renewal done for my hosting space…5$ down the drain…stickin to it till i get a connection at home…thn ill shift…

have to get behind my writers for their 2 pieces a week…how lazy/forgetful can they get? HR retention and motivation…oh god (did i say god??? its such a over used word dese days…even if people dont mean it).

lost a prospective client. when will people in india realise that design projects arent cheap…they cost…and a hell lot…i was still being considerate whn i said double their expected…tch tch…

and yeah…i still dont have any readers…not even my friends…and if they do…well they dont know what comments are…can it get any worse…

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  1. dev permalink
    September 30, 2008 8:11 pm

    Still reading…but then u don’t post often enough…try to keep rants out of the blog…after all it’s not exactly a diary…like what you’re cooking up in sicsr…maybe if u find time, go back to the old posts …make them more coherent…cheers! ( right…u are agnostic but ever the firm teetotaller..;)

  2. saiyona permalink
    October 1, 2008 9:31 am

    hmmm…i understand…its just another of those testing times…you will be through it soon….all the best!!

  3. sahilkhan88 permalink*
    October 1, 2008 10:31 am

    well im glad to know dat sum1 is looking over my shoulder ;)…my blog has been in a very ad hoc manner…frequent on twitter actually…

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