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Music Frenzy during Pune Festivals

October 8, 2008

i’ve been thinking of blogging about for a while now. anyone residing in maharashtra or atleast pune would be aware of how these localites tend to pull out huge speakers on their tractors and dance along to the latest item numbers. 2 years back in my first year of graduation, i remember them playing every single himesh song ever released. thank goodness that fever has gotten off them but this music frenzy…hmm…i dont think itll ever wear off.

last year during ganesh chaturthi, these people were playing a song by akon. i dont think they care/know about the meaning of the songs. otherwise they wouldn’t play a song which went like “i wanna f*** you, f*** you, f*** you”. and its the same for muslims too. i got out from the id prayers and the huge speakers started blaring.

power cuts had been very regular and went on increasing when we we’re short of rains. yesterday there were more power cuts (the college obviously has a generator so we don’t feel the pinch). and then late eve i saw an open air disco moving slower than a snail with a hordes of people dancing (read: jhoom barabar jhoom-ing). and a power generator…i don’t think it was a generator…felt more like a battery 50 times the size of an inverter. and then there were people like me, sitting in the dark.

btw, i did notice a foreigner shooting the whole site. i wonder what his reaction would’ve been. amused or shocked? amused i believe.

with that dhinchak, comes a lot of bass. the pune police has put a time limit on night clubs and concerts due to the loud music which is played. they have also started handing out huge fine slips (a whopping amount of 1lac). but i believe, either they’re enjoying the “festive mood” or they’ve been paid off to stay put.

and then people say, “be the change you want to see in the world”.

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  1. saiyona permalink
    October 8, 2008 2:48 pm

    nice! thoughtful!… there is certainly a connection now 😉

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