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a weekend of revolution.

October 20, 2008

californication. hank moody. writer by choice. blogger due to circumctances.

this is my fucked up life. sahil khan. sahil khan by birth. sahil khan due to circumstances. sahil khan by choice.

born writers. born everything. born whatever. they need inspiration. like hank moody get his inpiration for his novel by fucking a sixteen year (unknowingly).

this fucked up weekend gives me inspiration. but i’m not too sure if i’ll be able to tap it. but hank gives the balls to write this post. does look like a change doesn’t it? well, that’s more like it for those who read me. don’t have much hopes on it though.

to be frank, i have been like this for quite some time. just that the orthodox indian-ness comes across me, stopping me from being a overtly- fuck tongued. but does it matter now?

i know i could be reported abusive but how can stopping one such person help? people around the world have been watching sex-filled dreams on their screens. so how does my true style bring the wrath upon my zilch readers?

my girlfriend is frustrated with her life. and so am i. individual problems. none of those couple ones (so those one or two who might have a thing for her, back off). i’m being kicked out from my place. not due to my faults, but because india likes to stay behind the veil like the orthodox moslems. i would’ve spelt it as muslims as i’m one by circumcision, but i took that route for some tongue in cheek.

my magazine is down for the trods, i hope it will soon be out of that shit hole. i’m finding my thoughts being mirrored in my daily life by near and dear ones. start a blog for my magazine, a bit separatist that is.

as my exams near, i realise how much time i need on my hands to pull off the magic once more again. but i find difficulty arise.

my hands are tied. my life is putting me in bondage. only the mind is taking the leverage of the right to freedom of speech. right here as i take pledge to make this a blog that people might enjoy reading for change. high hopes, i know, but who doesn’t dream? and currently i can see it come true as you read.

sahil khan by choice. i mean it.

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  1. saiyona permalink
    October 20, 2008 12:52 pm

    a very orgasmic post….true as they say, “the worst gets the best out of the person”.
    hoping to see the next one come up soon.

  2. November 7, 2008 12:25 am

    Nice post brother, couldnt help reading.
    As if you are right infront of me speaking,

    • April 26, 2009 11:43 am

      maybe i know why i have zilch readers. i don’t reply to quickly to comments. i don’t open my blog that often and its usually pretty late by the time i come across a comment. and it’s been ages since i went thru my own post here. i was redirected here from sumwhr else.

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