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all’s fair in love and war.

October 21, 2008

i love you. i’m really going to miss you. i’m sorry i have to leave you at this moment when things are bad for you. i failed you- the person who means the most.

that was the message i got my from my sweetheart. and all you can hear me saying is, “i think these are testing times. its part and parcel of an amazing love life.” i can see her smirking. and i add, “and this is also the touch of troubled waters to an entrepreneur’s worthy efforts”. the smirk is wiped off. she is just reminded that i’ll be a busy man. that i’ll be on a three day trip to ahmedabad. company sponsored. how many under-graduates get the oppurtunity to go on a compnay sponsored trip? how many UG’s get the chance to meet the CEO of CIIE (incubation centre of IIM-A)?

so i was quite depressed because of the minor “vacate-the-place” incident with 15k stuck between the owner and the broker. but these things do trouble one when there are so many more things. butterfly effect. small can be big. and then some researcher says voila! i have found a temporary place to put up till i get a new place. no hopes of the brokerage to return. some chances of the deposit to come, waggling its tail, back to me.

after all the troubles, when an mba student says that he is jealous of my trip to ahmedabad, especially because i’ll be meeting the the CEO, CIIE, and to top it CMRD, Pune has mentioned that they shall be inviting me for a session to their college, “all’s fair in love and war” does come to mind.

ps: i’m trying to keep this abstract experiment alive. and i’ll be adding a design portfolio page soon. cheers.

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  1. saiyona permalink
    October 22, 2008 9:15 am

    nice one….well, life does come in small packages with ups and downs in it…neways all the best for your ahmedabad trip…hope you do wonders there too

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