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SICSR website redesign.

October 23, 2008

if you may oblige me by going to my college’s website [], i’d still ask you not to visit it. because it plain sucks.

the college hosts the largest open source fest in asia. they talk about best practices. and yet they can’t manage a decent website. they are having a naac accredition. and this is what they plan to show them? that we have a ‘website’ of our own? the aesthetic sense has been put into shackles i must say. but how come they’re striving so hard to make the building look decent with flora and uniformed fauna.

someone asked me if media companies are moving towards new media. so i think it’s going to be long before others get in line. but wtf!! a computer institute? oh ya, i forgot. computer, not design. but keeping design and code separate isn’t a best practice?

anyways, supposedly the students were working on the redesign for quite some time and haven’t been able to show anything productive. nothing against them, but come on, if one takes up such voluntary projects then s/he must be having the passion. ofcourse it’s an honor to do up the college website which close-to-nil people get.

and here i am, leveraging the very opportunity. i wanted to be a help in the UI. and now i’m making the whole site. just because, i’ve taken an initiative and have shown them a rough design in one day. they like it. thank goodness.

cheers to matt mullenweg and wordpress.

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