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for the love of god.

November 5, 2008

its a god-forsaken-qouted-line-of-text. not my thoughts.

i had a wonderful bday 2 days back. though my externals started, my paper went pretty decent. i was interviewed by a DNA reporter (which came out on yesterday’s front page). a working professional from mumbai has shown interest in writing for the magazine, something that i was wondering how to achieve.

and the best, i had my girlfriend with me. i love her a lot. an angel, i wonder what i would have done without her. my panadol (for those non-gulf residents, or should i say never-gone-abroad-indians, its a brand of paracetamol, which we refer to the way people refer to xerox for photocopying), my reason to survive (actually the reason i’m still surviving, as i do a lot of work and only she tends to calm me down), my something something…i tend to lose out on words when it comes to her. and i’m pretty lazy, i don’t feel like referring to the dictionary. if you’re reading sweetie, i love you.

and today, 2 testicle-less (hermaphrodytes don’t have male sexual reproductive organs, or they have a lack of testesterone?) beings, caught hold of her and demended 200INR for whatever reasons. she got scared, handed over the money because the on lookers were interested to be just on lookers. and the societal views on such beings are that whatever they say comes true. since when did such lucche-lafange become the messiahs of gandhi? bloody day-light robbers. shame they make such ill use of their ill fate (and some converts, omg).

my love, relax. nothing’s gonna happen to you. i love you. let the world be, you be the love the world will search for one day.

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