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a month off from daily routine.

November 18, 2008

finished my 5th sem exams on the 8th. and my 1-month holidays started the next minute. work continues but the daily routine from college lectures is off. thank goodness. i hate attending classes. work is luckily fun for me. so no issues. i can do that every day of my life.

went to ahmedabad for 4 days on a business trip. checked rk’s egg eatery and was shocked to find the initial installment of the business was a tapri and that they have 400 people daily with 2 hrs waiting on weekends.

had a few meetings wid institution heads and professors of da-iict, nid and mica. also met the ceo’s of the incubation centre at nid and iim-a.

the new campus at iim-a is connected with the old campus by a 132 feet subway which has been coverted to a gallery displaying the past and present of the institute. unlike the old campus, which was like a huge brick farm, the new campus boasts of clean cuts and straight lines formed out of pure, unadulterated concrete. the top portion of the iim-a logo has been cut into metal and they hang from the huge entrances at each building. ciie, the incubation centre, was no more than an average classroom till 2 yrs back. now it is lodged in a building of its own. i met the ceo in his office. he was using a 24″ iMac. not fair.

back from the trip i spent 2 days at the symbiosis lavale campus covering the sibm endeavour. networking again at the event. made some connections. punetech retweeted the event coverage link on its network and will hopefully be puttng it as an excerpt on its site too.

now ill be working on the bplan for the mag and a revenue generation model too. trying to get a room to ourselves in the college so that things become easier and that we dont spend drawing mind charts n brain storming on pieces of paper but on a big white board. guys from the vc fund, capital18, have agreed to give us some advise and mentor us. also they are happy to review the plan that we come up with. so rigorous work to be done now.

the restaurant work will also be going on full throttle. with certain work done, now i have a meeting with the kitchen fabricators tomorrow.

and yes, few more days and the band will start jamming once again.


and im smiling cuz i have my love wid me during the nights, cuz shes too scared to sleep alone at her flat. i like it. gives me more time with her. yipee.

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