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BarCamp Pune 5: LiveBlogging

November 29, 2008

expected to start at 10 am, it took nearly an hour for everything to settle down with the session slots being captured by the speakers.

there’s a small group from mumbai who seem too vella that they’re attendin bcp. and then they have to say that bcm was far better. they’ve got a very cheeky and buddly female along. expected characteristic from the group.

11:20 am WiFi security session

with the help of the pune police, club hack conducted a wardriving session thru the pune streets. reports show 50% are open. 31% are under WEP which takes 15-20 mins to break nowadays. only 19% are using WPA which takes 30-40 days is considered safe.

one is supposed to change the security encryption, and default username and password of the new routers. even the ISP employees didn’t do the regular setup reqd.

  • wireless security myths
  1. ssid broadcast increases security
  2. no harm in connecting to open networks
  3. hotspot must be open only
  4. “free internet access” or “free public wifi” will connect to internet for free (viral networks)

clubhack 3hr session on the same on 7th dec. reports via by clubhack and pune police.

12:00 pm PHP framework session

how does one land with a framework (boss knows that/ already installed/ every1’s talking about it)
how to choose a framework (should be simple to learn and have an intuitive use)
study the framework (eg: compatibility with 3rd party applications)
no build something (blogging application/shopping cart)
facing difficulties (ask in forums/join mailing list/irc channel)
contribute back (you asked, now answer)

12:45 pm tech education session by freeman

how many of us have actually learnt anything in school and college. audience reverts back saying that one still asks for basic edu qualifications and can be completely removed.

freeman doubles it saying that one has a physical help in such institutions before one can start searching online. proposed plan consists of small tech clubs with mailing lists. students can attend and subscribe to the lists. mentors give a certain time duration to help these clubs and students.

1:15 pm – 2:00 pm lunch break

unluckily no free food and other goodies this time. unltd lunch available for 60inr on a coupon system.

2:20 pm google analytics session by rohan dighe

the session is about not only tracking the pageviews, etc but also measuring interactions or events relating to javascript, ajax, flash, etc.

urchin had developed the software which is the basis of the new code ga.js.

sample: ondrag/onmouseout/onclick

<ahref=”” onclick=”javascript:urchinTracker(‘outgoing/mgt_sys’);”></a>

some simple examples:

dhtml “pop open” user reviews

ajax shopping cart

flash video engagement

360 product views

interactive ads or demos

people can log onto wikipedia, google code or the GA blog.

the topic had also come up in POCC between anthony and rohan, and it seems it got carried forward to bcp5. anthony’s company has  a very dynamic interface andhas a lot of ajax, etc and wanted to track specific events and not just pgviews. finally an interesting session. phew.

3:20 pm seo session by rohan dighe and amit kumar singh

talking about the bloggers, most of the people use wordpress (i like the sound of it). rohan is doing an experiment to find if seo actually works,and if yes then it could be made commercial.

WP plugins were mentioned like all in one seo and xml sitemap generator. basic online and offline seo steps.

had to leave cuz i’m luking for a new place to stay for the next 6 months, so couldn’t continue on the session.

4:40 pm twitter session by navin kabra

session for the people who don’t know/ don’t want to use twitter to convince them to use it. good thought navin. and using the mumbai updates and bbc interviewing one the users was a neat example.

and the whole twitter session went on and on and got mixed with the tweetup…40 users present… sweet…

hope the next bcp is better. cheers ppl. and forgive me for not posting live, which i left half way thru. sicsrwlan sucks.

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  1. December 1, 2008 10:12 pm

    Good job on live blogging
    I totally agree that the twitter session was rocking.
    I was surprised to see the count of Twitter fans.

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