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you never see it coming.

December 26, 2008

i get a call on 12th dec. “sahil, do you want to go for TiE?”. and a day later i’m packing to leave for bangalore for 4 days. the conference had me walking in formal shoes for 3 days. and right foot literally got fucked.

it’s a 15 hr journey by bus one way. after facing that for the 2nd time while coming back on the 19th, i had to leave for bombay for 2 days. and that is how it became the unforeseen.

i ended up staying there for 4 days with just one pair of clothes (that i was already wearing). luckily i got my hands on the moodi (iitb annual fest) kit, in which i got 2 tshirts. after getting a media pass on the name of TTS, i got in for the indian ocean concert. but after that i’m charged of blackmailing the coordinators for a media pass (they couldn’t believe a student is running a media company). they think we are faking it, and went on to harass us.

i spent a few hunderd bucks on the auto, mainly for a meeting with a bollywood director. he has said yes to grace the TTS event ‘Zivotni‘. currently it seems a bit gloomy, bcoz due to some unforeseen circumstances. so we might have to drop him, and in turn also lose out on another actor.

a few of writers are getting a bit moody. have to sort them out. 2 new internees- one for marketing, another for technical. the technical guy has a bkgrnd in java. what do i give him? still working on the redesign of TTS. cross-browser compatibility is sorted out but the feature article gallery using mootools is behaving a bit funny.

i never saw it coming. so much, so so fast.

upar wala deta hai, toh chappar phadke deta hai“; good or bad.

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  1. January 4, 2009 7:24 pm

    “upar wala deta hai, toh chappar phadke deta hai“
    Very true…

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