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sorry if you think no one cares

January 9, 2009

i am in a bad mood. i wouldn’t care less if you were dying. i have faced enough brunt and not interested in any more than a certain fucking limit. i’m sorry that i’m abusing. though i had promised someone that i wouldn’t, i am. because with all the work i have at hand, i have lost touch with my guitar. i don’t know whether i regret it or not.

these days, with so much work, i dont get the time to lift my head even. and people who understand you also go askew. it seems they’re not important, that they’re taken for granted. assumption. never assume.

argh…im getting irritated while even writing. i hate this time of life. is it a test? first, couldnt get a stable place to live. then…forget it. im bored of my life. i need a change. oh! someone is trying to bring that change to my life. but that person has got the wrong attitude. and is thinking wrong too.

i’m on a ship. a pirate ship. captain jack black is poking his sword into my back. wants me to jump into the sea full of sharks voluntarily. should i let him? or should i fight back? i haven’t done anything wrong, apart from working. then why does he want me off the fucking ship? what good will it do? or just the sight of me is an issue with him? hmm…fuck him then. his taunts or whatever you wanna call…they’re getting over my nerves.

wow. i should become a story teller. hmm…what all can i do?!?! at times i amaze even myself. i feel amused by myself right now. argh…i’m losing it. need to stop my fingers over my keyboard. lets see what happened to sahil khan and capt jack black in the next episode.

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