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differential diagnosis: female psyche

January 24, 2009

what does it feel like to be alone? or to be alone physically and not mentally? that eats you up even more. psychologically imbalanced. i am typing whatever is coming to my mind. today, i feel confused. girls are even more confusing. or are they also confused themselves?

i’ve been watching house for the past few days. medical cases complicated to the fucking core. even though, im not into medicine, the mystery has everyone hooked on to it. will a case on women psyche come up on the show? i’d like to see how house handles that one. differential diagnosis. euphoria/mental infection/pregnancy mood swings/…, the permutation and combination of diagnostics, especially differential…house will have to be admitted to the ICU himself .

that’s the power of the female psyche. you will never know what hit you. a 20 yr, a 30 yr, a 40 yr. all females think unlikely alike. today, what i say will be ok. next day, its an issue.

and if you know a girl who isn’t an IITian (read: she-male. my friend from IIT told me that the only girls in the institute are not girls at all. poor chaps.) and doesn’t behave like this…get her to the nearest clinic possible.

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  1. January 27, 2009 2:59 pm

    ya ryt! as if u dun know how the female psyche works! then how come you are boasting abt the great female psyche encyclopedia in your orkut profile where you have also added that you dun give out your great insights into the same in public????

    well! now i certainly don’t understand your psyche! the “sahil khan psyche”!!!

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