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the peaceful today.

January 27, 2009

“you look peaceful today”, said aarti vaid. i had just got into the car, and with one look she could tell. today was the 26th. i’m posting now because i don’t have an internet connection at home. reason being- i wanna be peaceful at home.

‘today’ my magazine, TheTossedSalad completes 6 months. and ‘yesterday’, me and my tean had organized the first event under the magazine’s banner. for the past 1 month, we had been running around getting  things done, cutting items off the list…either it was done or just scribbled out…last moment things…get this and not that…25th eve was on my shoulders. luckily, there were more shoulders which lined up with me. i’ve thanked them a couple of times and they are getting ready for the next event which will be on the first yr anniversary of the mag. but i’m looking what i’ll do next month.

i had a nice morning ‘today’, got up at a decent time of the morning, had  an egg and salami sandwich with appy…and i was taking my team for lunch, the first lunch on the mag’s tabs. it felt nice.

and that’s why i look peaceful. or is it so? somethings are better off understood than told. and only one can. so, the rest, please don’t mind the question. i like to add a anomaly at the end. makes it a bit mroe dramatic…more script worthy 😛

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