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how to date an entrepreneur?

February 6, 2009

i’ve been running with my team for the past 6 months now. and it’s been a year and half with my girlfriend.

i’ve been getting a lot of complaints from her side these days. we fight, then we sober down. we spend time, as much as possible from my side, together.

i came across a post through twitter. explains all the symptoms.

the author [] starts off:

If you’ve ever dated, married or been interested in an entrepreneur, you know that they think, act and relate differently than the average Joe of Joette. Sometimes that can be a challenge for the non-entrepreneur — especially one who doesn’t realize that they aren’t crazy, they just need to think… sideways… to get through to their sweetie.

the para that very well much defines my girl needs to know:

Off the Clock: This is likely the person you fell for. Many entrepreneurs have a great sense of humor, intellect and creativity. Some also have natural charisma and charm when they have the time to just relax with loved ones. When an entrepreneur sets his or her eyes on someone they want to get to know better, you become their latest goal and all that talent, charm, sales-ability and intellect that usually goes toward getting more business will come your way.


  1. You HAVE to communicate! Even if they don’t seem to have time (they never will), ask them to schedule you in to discuss the important things.
  2. Ask for balance and expect it. Realistically, this will be the largest hurdle for most newbie entrepreneurs. The old schoolers understand that you need balance or you will burn out, but the new ones think that they can just keep going at that rate and life as they want it will be waiting for them when they are done. If you love this person or are trying to make something work with them. Approach it like the above outlined business proposal and explain what you need in terms of ROI (or return on interest/investment).
  3. Expecting them to have a “normal” 9-5 schedule. It just won’t happen. If you can’t accept that, then move along. Also, a real entrepreneurial type will likely never retire. If they say they will, don’t believe it or ask them what they mean by “retire.”
  4. Forgetting that this person cares about you. Yes, many entrepreneurs are lost in their business, kind of like a new mom with her baby… but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about you or have lost the qualities that first attracted you. Remember that, for them, time is probably their largest sacrifice. If they are giving that to you, it should tell you quite a bit about where you are on the priority scale.

wow! great minds think alike. 🙂 i hope she now knows, that i’m no oddly the most unique person that she’s she’ll be ever dating. and i hope she can keep the 4th point above in mind. i love you.

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  1. swadha permalink
    May 6, 2009 12:58 pm

    i ReaLLy like wt u’v written….so ReaL…so TrUe…~!!

  2. June 11, 2009 11:47 pm

    Well written boyo! Hope she has seen this…

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