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it’s been long

February 25, 2009

due to a shift in focus in my writing from my blog to, my dear blog has been suffering with only my designs being uploaded so that people can check them out. and when i started writing for my blog, my song writing suffered.

my exams are coming up next week, and its been long since i’ve studied. have to get into the flow. it had been long since i had met my entire team. and yesterday we did. it had been long since i had had maggi. i just finished some maggi pakodas.

my venture and other initiatives have taken up my time. so much time that my results have slagged down.

another things that’s been long is my phone. i’ve been using a nokia 6030 for the past 3 years now.every now and then i have delete some contacts so that i may store a new one. every 2 days i empty my inboz and sent items. its time that i get a new phone. and i’m pestering my dad for an iphone from the states. also for a bike. let’s see what all i get.

and it’ll be long, before i blog again. i should move my blog to my own domain now. and focus on the design portfolio more. and i’ve been thinking about for ‘long’ now.

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  1. usha89 permalink
    May 25, 2009 12:01 am

    hey…..sahil……dis ones nice……explains ur life in one go……jst one mre thing hw does one mke maggi pakoras… gimme d receipe…… ๐Ÿ™‚

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