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rants of a young entrepreneur

March 31, 2009

its been long since i posted something. and its been long since the blog has existed without much cause. today i decided to use it as a place where more students like me can, if not become an entrepreneur, can at least think on similar lines and make a certain degree of a mark for themselves among the surrounding community.

be it my on and off designs popping up or probably or snaps of something i like and wanna share with the community, or be it something from the society or personal life that pisses me off… each and every thing of that narration is something that a student will face. shiv dravid of theviewspaper faced the same issue [we spoke at a coffee meeting].

for starters [i’m speaking out of experience]:

  • be everywhere…and it doesn’t matter if you’re at the right place at the wrong time [i never count any place the wrong place unless it’s for making out- don’t like too much of PDA].
  • irrespective of your interest in the web 2.0 technology and designs and irrespective of how much you hate the computer…learn to use google efficiently and effectively. as you won’t happen to find the community sitting on the road or staring right into your face, you’ll have to search the startups and their founders online.
  • and well, use facebook/orkut/hi5 among your friends only. switch to twitter for interacting with the community. that’s where the right people for this kind exist openly.
  • don’t be afraid to step forward and talk to anyone. bcoz you’re anyways gonna interact with them with time [if you don’t approach, they will…but if you move first, you have the first-mover advantage]. and don’t care about what they would think about you as most obviously you probably won’t be able to make head or tail of their discussions at first go.
  • try to collect the email ids or twitter handles so that you may drop in a ‘hi’ to them once you reach home, so that it becomes easier for both,them and yourself to recall. no point in taking their number as it is an equivalent of disturbing them in their private time and space.

summary: public relations [PR] and networking is the most important aspect of one’s life. be it for social purpose or anyother.

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  1. April 2, 2009 2:26 am

    Ah! Finally someone steps forward to represent this small studopreneur community of ours! Good going Sahil..

    • April 2, 2009 6:13 pm

      sum1 had to…and i believe that i’m going thru the ups and downs whch any fellow student wud go thru…maybe i’m going thru worse…

      this is why entrepreneurship is so tough…its like climbing the everest…

      hope i can help my colleagues this way… 🙂

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