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entrepreneur: logic or emotion?

April 6, 2009

logic supported by emotion

logic supported by emotion

note: this is more or less pointed towards the male section of the society

entrepreneurs take pride in thinking logically. market size, demographics, cash flow, mind map, etc. they work on a brilliant idea which is definitely logical to them, as the answer was so obvious to them. plain simple logic. [i too use something of my own- khan logic…its like the answer to everything…its 42 :P]

but for that every logical person, it is hard to believe that the logic behind his/her idea is emotional. they usually run parallel to each other. the computer was invented just because they wanted a faster and easier method of calculation. it was because man had grown tired of calculating. he tried to do so with larger numbers, and he grew tired. it was a challenge for him to calculate the biggest numbers at the snap of a finger. temptation. that’s emotional.

many of us computer/technology/internet entrepreneurs start our ventures not because of logic being involved. we just love our parallel world that we wanna stay in it for as long as possible. definitely, you’re going to bring in logic to work out the business, but the reason to do that- that’s emotional.

leaving a few unique ones, everyone of us will get into a relationship [student entrepreneurs beware]. please don’t use logic in that. you’ll fall very badly. because:

  1. every relationship is based on emotions.
  2. don’t ever ask females to talk about logic unless they themselves do it.

so what do you think? what is an entrepreneur- logical or emotional? which one (s)he should be inclined to?

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