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pre-traumatic stress for entrepreneur in school

April 19, 2009

'trying' to burn the midnight oil

and its always post-traumatic relief. residents and med interns- go to hell with your science.

students never like giving exams. and minds with business ideas churning in them along with all the networking they do with the biggies of the industry/market not only hate but despise the exam home coming.

but unfortunately, its something that we need to get out of our way. no one wants a backlog or an year drop when one can utilize that time fixing up business deals.

piece of advice from the sufferer: you still have another 40 nice years to do all this. go study for one week at least.

you wouldn’t want to come back to college just to give some lousy paper and wait for a year before getting your degree. and oh yeah- the fees that you’ll be paying? let’s do a working capital analysis on that kinda money.

and well, if you seriously think you can make it big without that degree, i wouldn’t recommend it but if the degree ain’t gonna be of any help, just chuck it [unless ur about to complete ur degree in a couple of months time]. probably go do a small course in something that interests you or do an internship where you can pick a few trade skills. jump a few ideas off your non-school/college friends and see what they think. they most probably be of the same interest group as you are, and if something clicks, voila. you’ve got people to work on with. 😀

whatever is on your mind, talk it out with ur parents. if they’re in for it, you have your mentor. best of luck fellow students for your upcoming exams. [those who have finished, my bad.]


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  1. June 13, 2009 2:54 am

    I am sailing in the same boat as you Sahil. I am becoming a lover of your blog and I also wanna do some shameless marketing about the Content organization that I own currently, and must say its doing pretty well too. So, yea the sooner the college life gets over, I am gonna get set with my online ventures with much peace and serenity.

    • June 13, 2009 3:03 am

      hey! thanks a lot…i recently started writing in such a manner so that fellow colleagues can understand that they’re not alone…you seem to be doing a good job with content writing…best of luck man…

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