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responsibility?! live on the coke side of life.

January 26, 2010

living isn’t a responsibility. it’s a job. but living a good and happy life is a responsibility.

on an everyday basis, you will have close encounters of the 3rd kind with so many things. but since they’ve been just around, you don’t pay attention. how you interact with your environment, both- animate and inanimate, marks your understanding of life. and hence your quality of life.

deepak chopra, at the TiE annual summit last year in mumbai, was stating certain facts about the massive number of atoms that we breathe in and out, and in the process making them a part of us. so?

it means that unconsciously, the 6 billion plus human beings and other colleagues from the animal and plant kingdom are one. but yet, the separation of mental waves rises the walls between each living being. and this brings us back to the unique imprints that we social animals leave behind.

with the course of time, one develops an attitude that determines his/her capability of gauging the consequences of not only of ones doings, but also of their thought. this is what we call maturity. or atleast i think so.

i know i’m going to be held against on charges of self-destruction. and yes, irrespective of the fact that i’ve apparently done pretty well for myself on the professional front. because the other side of the coin has made up for the black hole.

i think i should simply live on the coke side of life. doesn’t the retro design seem so much more cheerful?

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