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my name is khan. and i’m not scared.

February 7, 2010

everyone across india is showing support for the views that srk, pc, and others have taken regarding the ipl situation. and we’re still with them when they are facing flak for the same from mns and shiv sena. its sad to hear how the maharashtrian political parties are behaving and holding My Name is Khan on ransom.

i recently put up “My Name is Khan. And I’m not scared.” as my status on facebook. following are comments from the same. no offence taken from anyone and this is just a healthy debate. none of us are attention hungry mongrels like mns or ss. this is just insight to what some of the educated section of our society think and feel.

only initials are used so that identity is not disclosed.

SM: I hate SRk for callin Pakistanies in India and at the time when they are hurting out boarders the most now its doesnt matr whether its Khan Or Raj u need to decide which interest u need to keep. Wed at 8:23pm ·

SK: @sm ur kidding me right? he’s trying to save india’s ass here! you mean to say that mns regards india as their own and the rest don’t? and that the pakistani cricketers are like the rest of the terrorists? here people and businesses are keeping their necks on the line to keep the knot between the public of both countries together so that neither religous or regional fanatics come between us. are we less hypocrite than we think the pakistanis are?! just bcoz some dumb witted fucking morons are attacking our borders ill stop talking to my pakistani friends? Wed at 8:34pm ·

RR: totally agree with you, @ss.. besides, the terrorists here in this scenario ain’t Pakistanis, are they ? It’s pure Indians harassing Indians only. Wed at 8:41pm ·

SM: bro…. m nt talkin bout MNS neither m talkin bout SHIV SENA its bout the other things and the Ass saver ur supoorting actually trying on PR stuff man yeah and whn u talk bout business that is the reason why all the teams refuted pakistanies from their teams and i dint ask u to stop talkin to ur frnds thats non of my business bt whn smbdy talks bout smthing which intern come against my country there I have ryt to say my words…

U need to have ur priorities st. Wed at 9:18pm ·

SK: @sm its unfortunate that his film is releasing at the same time as this crap is going on. and PR? multiplexes and single screens will not be screening MNIK due to the entire agitation between the 2 parties. now where’s the business from all this PR?

people are talking abt the airport fiasco to be a pr stunt too. but too bad, that incident happens to many people. even ive been scrunitized at the mumbai airport once. my reaction was to call the airport manager and register a formal complaint against the officer. just cuz im a muslim cmin from saudi arabia dsnt make a terrorist.

yesterday on twitter, #iconicindianads was trending. what do i see today? a firang using that tag in a tweet referring to indians as fucking shit. i stood up. a bunch of reported him. and we’re done. if i were a celeb ryt now, this same thing wudve been blown out of propoertion and then a bunch of ppl wudve called it a pr stunt. Wed at 9:27pm ·

SK: @sm and FYI, that what SRK said has been said by chidambaram and man mohan singh too. about talking to pakistanis. the aman ki asha campaign preaches that everyday. why not attack them? because you can’t. you can only hold hostage someone who has an imminent financial stake. Wed at 11:13pm ·

SS: yeh @sk….ur right…….. Wed at 11:31pm ·

NT: Talking of those lunatics …. weather ur a khan, tendulkar or ambani they will pounce on you …….if ur name is big enuf for them to hit the headlines 😛 Thu at 10:10am ·

SM: @sk Luk man whn I said PR stunt i can back up with many evidences eg. Total no. of prints of MNIK is around 1500 to 1800 and out of which 600 would be for international market and out of that 600 prints 200 would go in Pakistan and much of the portion will go to middle east so the revenue which will come from countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh will be huge even if u consider the losses which will be there (if the issue doesn’t get solved in MH) these losses will be very marginal and he can up the stake with media hype and public sympathy in other regions and this time he has to prove many things he has to beat the success of 3 Idiots in the international Market and thats why He choose this way (the outcome of the issue would be this would be higest grosser in international market with major collection of beloved country )and the way you looked into the issue is totally different than the way I look into it and trust me we will never be able to see this issue with the same Angle cuz when we see SRK or Amir Khan or Salman what we find is fine acting,great struggle and many other qualities but there are the other people who feel the closeness cuz either they share the same religion or the same name I am not pointing towards you but the whole thing the way u put infront of us looks this way and The Airport Incidence man look after what happened (9/11 and 26/11) in the past these scenario’s are quite common U shud’ve go on with the complaining stuff bout that officer but u dint gave the try and u know for National Security thing its kinda things are mandatory and If Salman Khan can cope up with it without coming out with arrogant statement then I think any Khan can do that…Because the term ” India ” is bigger than “Khan” and it should be the same for everyone and that is why I dint use any Ass words with India (Period).

And about the “Aman Ki Asha” Campaign that cant be done when somebody sending infiltrator on our borders matter how cool ad they make no matter how cool songs or words they use we cant trust them after all they gave us backstabbing……

I am done with the talk stuff If anybody has any issues with the things happening around then they should go on the road and protest these things (In Gandhi way or Shiv Sena way Article 19 is open for them too )to the one who are raising the issue and I am not the one who is doing this….

So gimme a break…. Thu at 3:55pm ·

SM: And the success of the flim dont worry it would fetch enough money and it would be soon be declared Hit Oh super Hit cuz everything is kinda spun so smoothly they know how to catch the profits and economic side of the movie when they kinda venture to this side of the story….

and If u still wants to discuss this issue then we shud meet and discuss it healthily I am ready u tell me the day,time location U’ll find me there……. Thu at 3:59pm ·

NT: PR part is amazing, even Amir, chidambaram and Mr bachan echoed similar sentiments abt the IPL auctions ……that means SRK and SS planned it out together for mutual PR 😛 Thu at 4:18pm ·

NT: Talking of searching its even better to search for Shiv Sena + javed Miandad Thu at 5:47pm ·

SB: Deleted my comments from here on purpose – as I see most ppl like to just talk in tangent and not abt the issue itself and I dnt have time nor patience for reacting to each tangent. Thu at 6:00pm ·

NT: opposing SRK is understandable ………….. but supporting the hooligans ………… absolutely no way Thu at 6:03pm ·

NT: well the debate here was never really abt pak players coming for IPL. but can someone be allowed to hold a city on ransom everytime they disagree with someone ??

abt IPL srk has his own views i have my own …. they may or may not match, but let them remain personal ….dnt bring them out on the roads at least .. Thu at 6:28pm ·

WK: whatever ur trying to say @sm…one thing is for sure.. u dont sound nice 🙂 how much ever global a bollywood film goes, 25% of its revenew is still from the mumbai circuit.. and SRK has been the first and the only person from bolly who has not bucked under Shiv Sena’s pressure.. although he knows very well that MNIK may have to face the consequences… expressing ones views and opinions, and that too for goodness of the world and society as a whole is no crime (an opinion echoed by Chidambram, amitabh, and many icons)… Shiv Sena is a murderer of democracy and personal liberty, a promoter of violence… (have also attacked national icons like Sachin, Ambani, Rahul).. every Indian should be proud of SRK for taking a stand!! Yesterday at 2:52am ·

ZAK: i agree wit @wk, @sm.. u dont sound nice.. Yesterday at 11:17pm ·

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